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Application for Border Collie Rescue Adoption


This form is not the final stage of adopting a Border Collie. You will be encouraged to spend time on the phone with the rescuer you have contacted and your family may be asked to visit Border Collie Rescue for a training session. The rescuer you have contacted will make the final decision on if you may adopt, and which Border Collie you may adopt. As part of the application process, a local rescuer will visit your home. If this is logistically impossible, you will need to submit photos or videos of your house, yard, family members and other companion animals. You will be contacted after submitting this form. Please feel free to include additional comments on this form to help us find the ideal Border Collie for your lifestyle. Be advised, it may take some time to find the right dog for you. Long distance telephone calls and other expenses associated with the application and/or adoption process will be covered by you.


Primary Caregiver's Name:

Phone Number: E-mail Address:


Own? _______ Rent? _______ How long have you lived at this address?

How long do you anticipate staying at this address?

(If renting, please attach written permission from landlord to have a dog.)

Daily work or at-home schedule:

Estimated Daily Time With Dog:

Daily Hobbies and Activities:


Veterinarian's Name, Address and Phone Number:

First Names & Ages of All Household Members:

List Types & Ages of All Household Pets:


Describe the general activity and noise level of the household and what activities are most often going on in the house when the family is home:

Describe frequency of visitors to the home and their ages:

Approximate Size of Yard:

Type of Fencing:

If no fence, are you willing and/or able to have your yard fenced or partially fenced?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Where will the dog be kept when no one is at home?

Household Setting: ______ Urban _____ Suburban _____ Rural

What work activities will your dog have? (e.g., herding, obedience, agility, flyball, etc.)

How much/often? _____ Daily _____ Weekly _____ Occasionally

Have you had dogs in the past? What breed(s)?


What became of previous dogs?


With previous dog ownership (if any), did you ever have to move where dogs weren't allowed?


What did you do?


Under what circumstances would you not keep a pet?


Previous dog training experience:


Why do you want a dog?


Describe your idea of a great dog:


Are there any specific habits or problems a dog might have that you are not willing to deal with?


I have adopted companion animals from shelters or rescue groups before: _____ Yes _____ No

I have done volunteer work for animals: _____Yes _____No

I realize that a rescued dog may need above average attention and training: _____Yes _____ No

I like high-energy, spunky dogs: _____Yes _____ No


Adapted from Border Collie Rescue (Ohio)
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