Border Collie Rescuer Transfer Agreement


The rescued Border Collie _____________________ is hereby transferred to the undersigned rescuer who releases, discharges and holds harmless ____________________ (hereafter, referred to as the ORIGINAL RESCUER), Border Collie Rescue and anyone else associated with Border Collie Rescue from any charges or claims arising from the foster care and placement of said dog:


(Name of Dog) __________________________________________


(Description) ____________________________________________


Transferred on (Date) ______________________________________


THE UNDERSIGNED agree to abide by the "Terms of Transfer" listed below:

1. Return: If the dog is placed by the new rescuer but returned to Border Collie rescue within 30 days of the placement, the original rescuer retains the right to first refusal to reclaim the dog. After that time period, the new rescuer retains the right to re- evaluate the original rescuer for appropriateness to receive the dog. All adoption and/or foster care criteria must be met.

2. Fee Policy: There will be no fees exchanged between the rescuers involved in this transfer. However, any fees collected by the new rescuer should be used to reimburse as many of the original rescuer’s expenses as possible.

3. Health & Safety Program: While in the foster care of the new rescuer, the above-designated dog will be cared for humanely, including adequate food, shelter, water and veterinary care. The dog will be exercised in a fenced yard, on a leash, or under supervision on the new rescuer’s property and NOT BE PERMITTED TO ROAM FREE ON THE STREETS OR IN A RURAL AREA.

4. Placement: The dog will be placed in a home which meets the adoption criteria of the new rescuer. While input from the original rescuer is welcome, the final decision on the placement of the dog will be solely the new rescuer’s. The new rescuer retains the right to protect the identity of the dog’s adopter(s) and will only release information about the dog’s whereabouts with the permission of the adopter(s).

5. Relinquishment: In the event the dog is found to have a previously unknown serious health problem or behavior problem which renders it unadoptable, the new rescuer has the right to deal with the situation at their discretion, including exercising an option for euthanasia. The original adopter will be informed prior to any final decision on the dog’s future under these circumstances.


Signed _________________________________________ Date _____________________

Original Rescuer



Signed _________________________________________ Date ______________________