Thank you for your interest in the fostering Border Collies for the AMBCR. We recommend an apprenticeship period during which you will work with an AMBCR affiliate in your area.

We discourage new volunteers from doing rescue work on their own, such as rescuing dogs from shelters, agreeing to take owner-surrendered dogs, and procuring veterinary services for rescue dogs in your care without prior consultation with another AMBCR rescuer. Our financial resources are limited to the adoption fees we collect when dogs are adopted. These fees will most likely reimburse costs a dog has incurred for basic vet care and spay or neuter. While volunteering for us, you are asked to please understand that we cannot necessarily make a commitment to support any independent rescue work that you choose to do without prior approval, including foster care, help with placement, or reimbursement of expenses.

In order for us to determine where your special skills may best by utilized in helping rescue efforts, please give us the following information:

Date:                                        Name:                                                              Date of Birth:


Street Address:


Apartment or Lot Number:


City:                                         State:                                                                Zip:


Home Phone (Area Code First) and best times to call:


Work Phone (Area Code First) and if we can contact you at work:


Fax Number:


E-mail Address:


Past Volunteer Experience:


Number and Ages of Children Living at Home:


Name, Address and Phone Number of Your Veterinarian:


Size of Yard or Property:


Type and Height of Fencing:


Please describe (type and age) the dogs you presently own:



Please describe (type and age) any other animals you own:


Are Dogs Kenneled or Crated?


Indoors or Outdoors?


How long have you had these animals?



Please describe your experience with training dogs:



Please describe any experience you've had in working with abused and/or neglected animals:


Approximately how much time each day could you give to a foster dog?


Do you have any special skills that you feel would be especially beneficial to the AMBCR?


Do you have computer or typing skills?


Following is a list of areas in which we need assistance. Please indicate in which areas you are able to assist and describe limitations you may have in providing volunteer help:


Screen potential adoptive homes ______


Post flyers and promote adoption information ______


Provide a foster home for rescue dogs _______


Provide a foster home in an emergency situation only ______


Provide transportation for rescue dogs _______


Provide bathing and grooming for rescue dogs _______


Develop and distribute rescue and educational materials _______


Developing and implementing fundraising ideas:


Writing grants _______


Herding, obedience or agility instruction to rescue dogs, their foster caregivers and/or adopters _______


Help setting up & staffing a rescue booth at events, etc. _________


Provide additional information you feel will be helpful:



Please e-mail this form back to Myra Soden at Knollviewe@juno.com


You can mail a hard copy to: Myra Soden, 3003 Happy Hollow Road, Blacksburg, VA  24060