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"KIP" is a 4-5 month-old purebred Border Collie (no papers) who was surrendered to a county shelter. His original family didn't realize how much time and energy raising a puppy would take but they did raise Kip as an inside dog and got him started on the right track. He is a typical Border Collie puppy, extremely bright, very eager to please and very quick to learn everything. Kip is in that totally gangly "puppy ugly" stage but he has extremely good structure and will grow nicely into his ears, his legs and his tail. His coat will be semi-rough and he will grow some feathering on his tail and legs.

Kip is 98% housebroken, got crate trained in a half a day, comes when called, sits on command, loves treats, toys and playing fetch. He has a natural retrieve and is very dedicated to finding and getting the ball.  His attitude is confident but sensible - he investigates anything new with curiosity, he is not noise sensitive and he behaves completely appropriately with all other dogs, all people and children.

In less than 5 minutes, he learned not to jump up or at small kids and to sit quietly to be petted. He walks nicely on a leash. As energetic and playful as he is, Kip does settle very well indoors.
Kip has had all his vaccinations (incl. rabies), is neutered, heartworm
negative and started on prevention. He is a healthy, active pup with a
fun-loving outlook on life. He is social and outgoing and loves everyone
he meets. He shows every indication of being a fantastic, energetic,
athletic companion with potential for dog agility.

Kip is located in central Kentucky. E-mail Myra Soden at