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How To Adopt:

The first step is to get in touch with an AMBCR volunteer near you. Contact by e-mail usually brings the fastest results. Be aware that AMBCR volunteers are primarily concerned with matching appropriate homes to individual dogs in our program. Therefore they will first request you to fill out an application and may not be able to give out information on individual dogs until the application process is complete. This evaluation stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Although we will make an effort to keep this site up to date, we do not make any guarantees that any dog listed on this
 site is still available for adoption. Even if the dog you wanted is no longer available, it's a good idea to complete an 
adoption application because we get in new dogs all the time.

"Personality Profiles"

The following key words describe personality types and the kind of lifestyle a listed dog is best suited for.

Active Companion

The dog will need daily walks or runs and activities such as playing fetch or frisbee. A lot of interaction with owner(s) and vigorous exercise will be needed, although the dog may not necessarily need structured or competitive-level training. This dog might enjoy doing agility or flyball for the fun of it but not necessarily for competition.




The dog will be content simply being with their owner(s) as a "best
buddy": Activity and energy level may range from couch potato to playfulness (such as playing fetch in the back yard).


The dog has intense drive, herding instinct and potential, and may need a farm or livestock working home. Plenty of hard exercise and an intense, continuous activity and training program may be necessary. Herding training for competition or fun may be required for the dog to be content. Dogs of this type may also be appropriate for competitive dog sports such as flyball or agility.

Dog will need obedience, flyball, frisbee, or agility training, possibly to a competition level to challenge their high energy level and drive.  
Puppies are very adorable!
However, raising one can be as intense and frustrating an experience as babysitting a VERY active two-year-old. If you have reservations, please consider adopting an adult dog that will need less intense training and attention. All puppies will be placed with a spay/neuter contract

Dogs Available for Adoption


(An Honorary Border Collie)

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Dogs available for adoption are not necessarily posted on this site. Please e-mail us to inquire about adoptable dogs, or visit the links listed below to see dogs in foster care with one of
our rescue contacts. Thanks!

Click here to see some of the dogs previously placed by AMBCR




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Performance Dogs
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Jenni Lough's
Rescues in
North Carolina

Terry Woods'
Petfinder Site 

Phoenix Rising
Border Collie Rescue

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