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Daisy - An Update


Thanks for the update Cindy, it is good to see Daisy doing so well.

Just wanted to let you know that Daisy got a goose (stuffed) for Christmas and I have never seen a dog appreciate a toy so much. She had other toys including a sheep, but she loves that squeaking goose. She and Jade, my little rat terrier have been playing in the house. Daisy has been protecting her goose from Jade, Jade got a teddy bear and is happy with that, but still tries to get the goose from Daisy and Daisy just isn't having it. She guards her goose, its funny we have had so much fun with her, thanks again for her, we just love her and she is very happy. Oh, Jade has a small bed we keep in the house for her when she comes inside, which is way to small for Daisy, but Daisy didn't like sharing anything, I guess she thinks she should be the only inside dog, so she lays part of her body in Jades bed so Jade can't use it. Hunter made Daisy a bed in the living room out of blankets even though she has one in my bedroom and she does use it, unless of course Jade wants her bed, then its a fight to see who can get to it first. They play together well and love each other, the two girl dogs, that is, but they do show lots of signs of jelousy! Crazy critters!

Have a happy new year and hope you had a great Christmas you and your family!