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Vic is lovely with children of all ages, he walks nicely on a leash, is quiet and calm in a crate and rides well in a vehicle. He is very polite and enjoying the company of other Border Collies in his foster home. Vic seems bigger than he is because of his very full coat but he only weighs a proper 44 lb.

Vic has high ball drive and did really great when evaluated on sheep. He definitely seems to know all his basic obedience commands and it appeared as if he had been introduced to sheep before. However, after working, he was very lame and sore. We had him x-rayed and it was found that Vic will require an evaluation by an orthopedic specialist and surgery for a moderate to severe case of hip dysplasia.

The good news is that Vic has found a permanent home with an adopter who has the resources to take Vic to a specialist and will pursue whatever treatment he requires. Although Vic will never be able to do agility or herding, he will have a wonderful life as a companion dog on a country estate with another dog to play with and very loving owners!